Acrylic Resin


                          HR and LR series,high performance acrylic resins for solvent-borne coatings have not only excellent appearance but also special properties such as weatherability,corrosion resistance and fast-drying.


                          High performance acrylic resins for solvent-borne coatings

                          • HR series:Thermosetting acrylic resins
                          • LR series:Thermoplastic acrylic resins


                          Film performance

                          High gloss,high hardness,excellent appearance,weatherability stain resistance,chemical resistance,solvent resistance,boiling water resistance,flexibility,adhesion to substrates and pyrolysis.


                          Paint properties

                          Low VOC,excellent pigment dispersibility,fast-drying,paintability,low smell and weak solvent solubility.

                          Suggested Application

                          Substrate Type Uses
                          Metal Automobile HR series Automobile Body surface coating
                          LR series Automobile repair with surface coating
                          Appliances HR series Washer,Refrigerator
                          PCM HR series Galvanized iron,Aluminum
                          Cans HR series Cans outside surface coating
                          Plastic LR series Plastic coating(ABS,PS,PP,etc)
                          Construction Materials LR series A variety of paint
                          Papers,Film,Ink WS,LR series A variety of paint

                          Research and Development

                          Our company has the efficient R&D department,which can provide resins to satisfy customers’requirements by designing composition,molecular weight,Tg and solvent composition in response to them.

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