Optical Grade

                          SHINKOLITE™ LX N865、N875——Light Guide Panel Sheet

                          SHINKOLITE™ LX N865, N875 is developed for the use of Optical applications. Comparing to DX series, LX N865, N875 can more effectively transfer streams from the backside CCFL to the sheets.
                          SHINKOLITE™ LX N865, N875 have less bubbles, well thickness tolerance and easy formability.
                          Producing by continuous casting process, LX N865, N875 have better heat resistance than other product that made by glass cast process.


                          SHINKOLITE™ N885—— Construction material

                          SHINKOLITE™ LX N885 is developed base on N865 and N875, especially for applications as Light Guide Panel of LCD monitor and the signboard by edge light system.
                          Inheriting the optical properties, SHINKOLITE™ LX N885 performs well in brightness and there is no need to have extra processing. The lateral-light-input is available when using SHINKOLITE™ LX N885, which can effectively decrease the thickness of light box.

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